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Pieniny flora

Rydz Pieniński

Chalky soil, the lack of glaciation, the exceptional diversity of microclimatic and geomorphological proximity to limestone bands and the Slovak Tatra mountains and thus the relatively large easy migration of plants between bands and a small amount of big band decided a varied vegetation in Pieniny.

In addition to forest communities met here and the epilithic communities of debris, in addition to human activities associated with semi-natural communities such as grasslands and pastures. In the area of Pieniny is about 400 species of algae, 1100 species of vascular plants, 350 species of liverworts / moss, 1,200 species of fungi, 480 species of lichens.

Pieniny area clearly distinguishes three basic environmental complexes, differing mainly the nature of vegetation:

- The northern slopes, which is dominated by mesophilic forests of beech and fir forests, and meadows and fields,
Kwiatostan w Pieninach- Dunajec valley and its major tributaries, and Grajcarek Krośnica, now devoid of significant areas of natural, plant communities, especially riparian forests, valleys occupy large areas of housing, meadows, pastures and cultivated fields,
- The southern slopes are strongly sunshine, in large part occupied by natural vegetation on rocks and thermophile forests of fir
- Beech, as well as arable land and dry pastures.

The Pieniny are endemics - species found only here: Pszonak Pieniny, nuns Pieniny and endemic varieties: cornflower colored Sedum sharp limestone variety, Artemisia, wormwood variety of limestone. They survived in the Pieniny relics - plants that occur on their positions from earlier geological periods, living in isolated populations far away from dense areas of the species: juniper Sawin, dębik ośmiopłatkowy and so.chrysanthemum Zawadzki.

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