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Czorsztyn occupies an area of approximately 6 hectares and nearly half of it is land covered by forests. It is a summer resort in the western part of the Pieniny Czorsztyn.Currently, the site was a village which is flooded inland lake. Residents were moved to settlements located above Nadzamcze. Czorsztyn was founded in the mid-fourteenth century, from the very beginning has been directly linked to the castle and leading Czorsztyn this way the historic Route trade route from Hungary to Polish. The original name of the old Polish language Wronin color black crow answered. Repatriation of German-speaking inhabitants of Spis resulted in changing the name to Schorstein, or overhanging rock, which over time has been on the localization and Czornsteyn Czorsztyn.
The biggest attraction are the ruins of a castle built in the fourteenth century by King Kazimierz the Great. Were connected with the castle include a knight Zawisza and great rebel Cube Napierski. He was a point of resistance confederates. Around 1795, burned down by lightning and was never rebuilt. In 1811. good Czorsztyńskie passed under the dominion of the Austro-Hungarian. In 1918. Drohojewskich family bought it. With time growing popularity Czorsztyn, which became a major resort. Constitutes an excellent base in the Pieniny and Gorce, as well as in the mountains and Slovakia. Castle Ruins, Lake Czorsztyńskie, ski lifts and magnificent scenery attracts each year more and more tourists. Today the castle ruins are open to visitors during April to October in the chair 10.00 to 15.00 except Mondays from May to September in hours. 9.00 to 18.00 each day. The castle is closed for public on 1 January, 1 November 1925 and 26 December and at Easter.

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